Honourable Janice MacKinnon and the NDP Government:

Spin-doctoring the Truth

By Mario deSantis, February 22, 2000

is going
through a nightmare
Saskatchewan is going through a nightmare, not only we are faced with an economic
crisis(1)(2), but we are now experiencing a social unrest in the farming community(3)
and a corrupted justice system(4). Janice MacKinnon felt offended by recent articles
of the National Post reporting that Saskatchewan has a poorly educated workforce(5),
one of the highest infant death rates(6), and a multi-year distinction in being first in both
  drunk driving(7) and crime(8) rates.
  MacKinnon has defended the leadership of her government by writing the letter
spin-doctor any statistics "Saskatchewan, distorted(9)" dated February 17, 2000 to the National Post, two days
after two Saskatoon policemen had been suspended in connection to a homicide investigation
of two Native men discovered frozen to death(10). In this letter, MacKinnon puts her
sociological understanding(11) in one corner of her Big Brain(12), and becomes a superior
professorial mind able to spin-doctor any statistics and affirm that her government has
fought Child Poverty better than any other province, that our population has increased,
that Saskatchewan led the western provinces in percentage job growth in January 2000
compared to January 1999, that Saskatchewan is a worldwide leader in agricultural
biotechnology, that Saskatchewan was awarded the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron,
that Saskatoon's Innovation Place is the largest university-based research and development
  park in Canada, that the United Nations ranked Saskatchewan as the best place to live.
  Dear Honourable MacKinnon, your numbers don't add up any more, and you cannot
a social environment
of distrust
and division
fool anymore anybody who is simple, who has clarity, and who has common sense(13).
The spin-doctoring of your government, Honourable MacKinnon, has created a social
environment of distrust and division among all the people of Saskatchewan(14).
Honourable MacKinnon, your government put in jail former MLA conservatives who
stole thousands of dollars, but what did your government do differently? I have the answer
Honourable MacKinnon, your government has bankrupted the most important resource,
the children of Saskatchewan(15), and your government has contributed to the escalation of
  racism(16) and to the corruption of our police forces(17) and justice system.
government needs a leadership Your government is a shame Honourable MacKinnon, and I advise you that to run
this province your government needs more than the skills of spin-doctoring the truth. Your
government needs a leadership that "rests more in the heart and hands than in the
authority(18)" of your Tin Pot Dictators(19).
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