Associate Minister of Health Judy Junor:

defending the SHIN flop at the Legislature

Nipawin - April 14, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis

defended the SHIN project

Wednesday afternoon, April 12, I watched on TV a portion of the legislative proceedings(1) where
Saskatchewan Party MLA Rod Gantefoer was questioning HonourableJudy Junor, Associate
Minister of Health, on the Saskatchewan Health Information Network (SHIN). Judy Junor was
flanked by her department senior officials and I immediately recognized among them Neil Gardner,
Executive Director of Corporate Information and Technology. Judy Junor, not only defended the
but was proud of having been close to this project since the time she was appointed
to the board of SHIN.

Judy Junor(7) is a phony leader

We have to understand that most of our governmental leaders are phony and in this respect I
have dealt with Premier Roy Romanow(2), Deputy Premier Dwain Lingenfelter(3) and his wife
Louise Simard(4), Minister of Economic Development Janice MacKinnon(5), and I have dealt at
length with Minister of Health Pat Atkinson(6). Honourable Judy Junor(7) is a phony leader as
well, and under the questioning of Gantefoer she would babble the related answers provided by
the expert: Neil Gardner. I met Neil Gardner back in 1991 when he was Associate Deputy
Minister of Health under the Conservative government. At that time I was implementing
microcomputer health care payroll in Gravelbourg and I asked him if he wanted a report on
microcomputer payroll(8). Gardner replied "I need it yesterday." Later, in 1993, I met with
Gardner again and I proposed potential business opportunities in the field of healthcare payroll,
accounting and employee scheduling. Gardner replied "wait two three months when the new
health care infrastructure will be defined and there will be opportunities for everybody."

do tomorrow what you had to do yesterday

As we know, SHIN has been another mausoleum since it was designed, and today, at the
legislature, Gardner and Junor have been defending this big flop by saying that SHIN is the
infrastructure within which all future new technologies will be implemented, including telehealth(9).
In accordance to these experiences, I can define Gardner's leadership in meeting the future
challenges of information technologies in these few words "don't do anything today, and do
tomorrow what you had to do yesterday."

obsolete systems

We have shown in our past articles that health care is mismanaged in Saskatchewan and across
Canada, and that our health economists and researchers have been a strong cause of this failing
health care system(10). I also pointed out that every province has been implementing health care
information networks and I deduced that most of such networks were possibly obsolete
systems(11)(12). At the legislature, Judy Junor has been giving the run around to Gantefoer. Junor
has stated that SHIN was established in 1997. Yes, it is true, it was established in 1997 as a crown
corporation, but prior to 1997 and as early as 1994 Saskatchewan Health and the Saskatchewan
Association of Health Organizations (SAHO) had been continuously confabulating and spending
an enormous amount of money on the implementation of the health care Information Technology
  Architecture and the creation of SHIN.

way this
minister is covering up

In 1995, Saskatchewan Health stated that the implementation of Phase 1 of the Architecture will
provide general efficiencies in the range between $43 million and $106 million annually(13). Also,
in 1995, Saskatchewan Health had a detailed timeline of the Health System Architecture Projects,
yet such timeline and projects were not maintained(14) and in this respect the Provincial Auditor
warned the government that a high percentage of large IT development projects are cancelled, late
or over budget(15). In addition, Junor has stated that " we assisted the districts in Y2K preparation
so that what they bought was compatible with the whole provincial infrastructure of information
technology," and this is the deceptive way this minister is covering up the diversion of money from
SHIN to Y2K preparation(16). The mountain of lies is getting bigger and more fragile as more
people begin to question the integrity of this government and the integrity of the health care system.
  Quote by Donella Meadows "challenging a paradigm is not a part-time job. It is not sufficient to make your point once and then blame the world for not getting it. The world has a vested interest in, a commitment to, not getting it. The point has to be made patiently and repeatedly, day after day after day"
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