Saskatchewan Nursing Shortage:

Our Leaders must Walk their Talk

By Mario deSantis, November 30, 1999

bidding war taking place among the districts Few minutes ago, I browsed the Web site of The StarPhoenix, and I read today's article "Recruiting
war among districts unacceptable(1)".( written Monday published today) The authors
of this article state that they are utterly insane at the bidding war taking place among the
districts to hire new graduating nurses. I already expressed the hypocritical behaviour of our
healthcare political and administrative leaders, who, instead to clean up our own house in order
  first, shift the blame to everybody else but themselves(2).
  In justifying the offering of the $2,000 cash bursary to the graduating nurses, Brian Morgan,
...recognize an asset from a hole in the ground vice-president of the Saskatoon District Health, says "...We have to ensure we're competitive..." We
must not forget that Brian Morgan is a product of the Saskatchewan Association of Health
Organizations, an organization which under the law and order leadership of Brian Rourke(3) can't
"...recognize an asset from a hole in the ground(4)(5)..." Therefore, Brian Morgan's claim that his
district has to be competitive must be taken with a grain of salt; in fact, it is more likely that Morgan's
claim is just another move by our incompetent healthcare administrators to create an environment of
total confusion where they can shift the blame to the provincial and federal governments and come
out either as the saviours of our health care insurance system or as change agents for a so called dual
and more competitive health care system(6). Either ways, our incompetent healthcare administrators
will be the winners, as usual at the expense of everybody else, over any possible change of
government; therefore, the supervision of the operations of the districts by the Provincial Auditor
  should become an ongoing essential service of the Legislative Assembly.
failed to develop a coherent plan The authors of the above mentioned article state that " should be up to the government, not
individual districts, to attract nurses to serve in Saskatchewan hospitals...". In addition, they state
that the government has failed in "...its health reform..., that it has failed to develop a coherent
plan to meet Saskatchewan's needs or to share any vision it has for health care..."
  We know that both the provincial government and the Saskatchewan Association of Health
leaders have a shared vision of healthcare with their citizens Organizations (SAHO) have pursued a re-engineering scheme of health care through the
implementation of the Saskatchewan Health Information Network (SHIN)(7)(8). We also know
that this re-engineering scheme was designed to cut the number of working nurses in this
province(9). As a consequence, to ask this government to address the shortage of nurses doesn't
make sense anymore, it is just too late to rewire the minds of Premier Romanow and his friends(10).
What we need is to admit our own mistakes and look for transformational changes(11) leading to a
new government where our leaders have a shared vision of healthcare with their citizens and where
  these same leaders are able to walk their talk.


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