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Image from AP and from the BBC online

The Marrakech Agreement

Niagara Falls, Ontario - Wednesday, November 27, 2002 - by: Joe Hueglin


Have you heard of the MARRAKECH AGREEMENT? Do you know what Canada will be committing to under it by ratifying the KYOTO ACCORD now being debated in the House of Commons? If you do you are one of very few.




If fully aware, my apology for drawing it to your attention.




If not, the several links below when looked at may lead you to inform you of what Canada will be committed to should ratification go ahead as planned by the Federal Government. More data can be obtain through using which was the source sought upon hearing of the AGREEMENT's existence yesterday.


Joe Hueglin

Developing legal and economic instruments to implement European policy on climate change and clear air. Enforcing Evironmental Policy Network web site. From this web site a PDF of the overview of the Marrakech Agreement. One statement about the agreement states: ""Definitely, no other International Environmental Agreement disposes of a more sophisticated and far-reaching compliance regime as the one settled in Marrakech"
Kirk Cynthia, ENVIRONMENT REPORT - November 16, 2001: Marrakech Agreement -
  Environment Canada, Minister Andrerson's media teleconference transcript, November 7, 2001
  Kirby, Alex, Marrakech nudges climate treaty onward, November 12, 2001 BBC online



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