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Though this page is titled history we have interpreted the topics a bit loosely and included in this list any stories that deal with events that are more than ten years old.
Murphy's siding
November 22, 2007
by: Joe Ives
Naniamo B.C.: There was once a siding between Edersley and Crooked River. Joe tells us about a mishap at this siding and wonders what ever became of it.
Eleventh Avenue
November 21, 2007
by: Timothy W. Shire
Regina: Its all a part of perspective and the difficulty of placing oneself in a world which often we know so little about.
November 15, 2007
by: Ray Strachan
Grimshaw, Alberta: It is odd how a sequence of things take place often considerred to be random yet it is these sorts of events that make up the minute by minute things in our lives. Mr. Strachan points out the link between his pictures and the pictures of the fire about a year later in Crooked River.
Remembering Crooked River
November 9, 2007
by: Joe Ives
Nanaimo, BC: The images shared on this web site by Ray Strachan caught the attention of many readers as they remembered the booming lumber mill town east of Tisdale. Joe Ives was a reporter and photographer for the Recorder and the story brought back memories for him and he has sent along some of those memories and three amazing pictures of a fire in the community many years ago.
Ray Strachan's Crooked River
October 29, 2007
by: Ray Strachan
Grimshaw, Alberta: The October 4 picture essay of Crooked River triggered memories and nostalga for the once booming community and we received e-mails from Mary Weston in B.C. and Ray Strachan in Grimshaw. Ray followed up with stories about the community and his life there and then sent some remarkable images of the time. Some of them, negatives which he had never seen.
Saskatchewan: now!
Friday, August 22, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
From Mossbank to Regina and then some as we look at this place as it is becoming.
Batoche Once More
Wednesday, June 25, 2003
by: Timothy & Judy Shire
An opportunity to share a visit to the Batoche Historical Park with the grade eight and nine students from Kelliher let us see the site and all that it symbolises. These pictures tell the story. This story includes 71 pictures and a 1MB QuickTime VR.
One thing leads to another
Wednesday, April 16, 2003
by: Brian Marlatt and Timothy W. Shire
Noticing the unusual design of the little house in the story yesterday Brian Marlatt tells us about its design and origin of that design. But he also tells us about some fascinating characters who were inextricably linked to the history of this country. This story includes a brief summary about these men and a good number of references that will let you dig in and find out much more.
The depression
Tuesday, April 15, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
Perhaps in time the 1930s may cease to be the primary and most influencial factor in shaping our lives and culture but despite all that has past that era is still in the back of everyone's mind no matter how old or young.
The immigrants who came home
Monday, April 14, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
Their home land is just over a decade old yet their culture and their traditions have carried Canada's Ukrainians through the good and the bad times. Here is the story of how they got here.
A little storm in February 1975
Friday, January 24, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
Here is an interesting set of pictures from the results of a storm twenty-seven years ago in Weekes.
Stuck Train, March 10, 1979
Sunday, January 12, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
Saskatchewan in the winter can be a remarkable place, this set of pictures tell of a Sunday afternoon after the wind had brought a little snow the area near Palmier.
Lest we forget
November 11, 2002
We are fortunate today to be able to read about the story of one Canadian who served in both the First and Second World War. Ron Thornton brings the perspective of the people who were there and some lived while others did not but here are their stories.
Where are the great orators?
September 25, 2002
In other times the words of individuals have inspired those who heard them changing their lives forever. Ron Thornton longs for a Canadian speaker who will step forward and do what others have done in other times and places. Included on this page are the full QuickTime audio track of a Winston Churchill speech and the magnificient "I have a dream" speech of Martin Luther King.
Summer 1946
September 24, 2002
The war had ended officially but in the minds of these young people who had grown up in the 1930 and held their breath through the war, was it time to exhale? (This page includes a QuickTime music clip)
The West Has Its Own Political Traditions
September 9, 2002
Canada's journalists and political scientist for most of the country are confounded at the preculiar nature of Western Canadian political thought. You can move to the front of the class and well ahead of most reporters by understanding Ron Thornton's explanation of a very different political and social context of the people who live West of Winnipeg.
Prime Ministers 101
August 28, 2002
Ron Thornton passed this discussion on to the editor in email and it is just what we all need to sort out some of Canada's prime ministers.
Nullification Trepidation
August 1, 2002
When Chretien, Romanow and McMurty hammered out a deal in an Ontario hotel kitchen, the only way they could get the provinces to go with the charter was to include a strange clause that became Section 33. Its time to reconsider their compromise.
The societal implications of the work of scientists John Nash, Thomas Saaty and Jay Forrester: Game Theory versus System Dynamics
July 27, 2002
Mario deSantis explores alternative ways of looking at things and better ways of finding workable solutions. Read this story carefully, it could be dangerous.
Thanks God for our Charter of Rights
July 27, 2002
Ron Thornton points out the prominent place "God" is given in the Canadian Charter of Rights.
Who Can You Trust?
July 23, 2002
Ron Thorton ponders the way honesty and trust seem to have become concepts that are no longer in common practice.
We Need Freedom of the Press and Howe
June 20, 2002
The principles of freedom of the press are firmly established in the traditions and law of Canada. Ron Thornton reminds of these roots.
Time Was . . .
April 18, 2002
Kevin McIntyre shares with us his concerns about the economic squeeze felt in modern agriculture.
A History Rich in Insight and Humour
April 17, 2002
Ron Thornton points how interesting and important history is with four great examples as we have discovered how little the people of our country know about our past.
So What's All This Fuss About
April 6, 2002
Let's take a look at the maps and try to make some sense out of the Middle East crisis of 2002.This page contains a large QuickTime Vr and will take some time to download on a dial up connection.
Eugene Eckart's Snow Plane
April 5, 2002
We did not have the picture of this machine when we ran the original story but here it is.
A Woman Of A Century
March 31, 2002
She lived for all of the twentieth century being a part of that it was and doing her part to shape the next. Queen Elizabeth the last Emperess of India, Elizabeth Bowes Lyon died yesterday in her sleep at age one-hundred and one.
Canada at War: The Softwood Lumber Dispute
March 25, 2002
Colonel (retired) William McCullough from Naniamo, British Columbia urges Canadians to pull together as the softwood lumber issue is a matter of national sovereignty and he has some practical suggestions that we as individuals can do to bring pressure to bare on the United States.
March 21, 2002
An obscure village in Southeastern Saskatchewan, a place to grow up in and be the basis for a whole life time.
Eckart Snowplanes
March 19, 2002
We have been proud to bring you images of these air powered snowmobiles. Today we take you on a first person singular adventure as Albert Eckart tells us about the exploits of his two older brothers and their snowplanes of the 1930s.
I Am A Canadian. . .
March 15, 2002
No it was not Molsons who made that phrase popular it was the beginning of the Canadian Bill of Rights passed by parliament in 1960. Chris Blackman tells us about why its important.
Let the facts determine aboriginal questions
March 12, 2002
Ron Thornton is not alone, as most Albertans are shocked to hear that the Court has ruled that those who signed Treaty 8 were exempt from taxes. Be sure to look over the references on this story as it helps to explain the implications of this historical decision.
The Greenwater Report for March 10, 2002
March 10, 2002
Mall shopping, walkie-talkies, moose and George Hayunga a teacher at Manchester school are all part of today's report by Gerald Crawford.
Then There Was War
March 8, 2002
The discovery of some remarkable pictures in the Bill McVicar collection gives us an opportunity to consider the May 17 to June 15 visit of King George V1 and Queen Elizabeth in the summer of 1939.
Colorado Snowplane
March 4, 2002
Bill Jackson tells us about their snowplanes and offers up a great web site with excellent pictures of the all metal machines they have made since the fifties.
Fudge Snowplane
March 3, 2002
Manufactured snow planes were built at a factory at Moosomin Saskatchewan here are three outstanding pictures of those machines.
Smith River - Airport to Nowhere
February 26, 2002
July 18, 1982 we flew out to an abandoned World War II airport before a forest fire removed everything but the runway.
Steadman Snowplane
February 25, 2002
Gerald Crawford tells about an operational snowplane
Bugs and His Buddies
February 23, 2002
Chuck Jones the animator for Bugs, Porky and Elmer died today at eighty-nine.
More Than A Game
February 21, 2002
Time to talk about hockey as Timothy Shire explains the reason Canadians feel so passionately about what should only be a game.
Lorch Snowplane
February 19, 2002
An unusual prairie vehicle that predates the modern snowmobile made at Spy Hill Saskatchewan.
Sharing A Common Heritage
February 10. 2002
We so often mistakenly assume that the uniqueness we preceive presents some enormous difference between us all, today we consider this concept with Judy Shire's pictures of La Ronge and the QuickTime music of Lester Flatt and Earl Scrugs
The King Is Dead, God Save The Queen, February 6, 1952
February 6, 2002
It was a mild winter morning near eleven when our teacher told us that His Royal Highness, King George V1 had died. I immediately put up my handed up and asked the teacher if we could lower the flag. Since it was my idea she sent Bill Brown and I out to the flag pole and we brought the flag down to half mast. It was all we could do.
The Free Market: The Road to Freedom Paved with Indifference
January 28, 2002
The thinking that we should not get worked up about some seemingly minor event is a sign of indifference and the failure of the majority of Europeans to take any action or for other countries around the world to know and do nothing is the shame we all share in for the tragedy of the last century. Mario deSantis warns us not to repeat this blunder again.
Mr. Canada - Peter Gzowski, Dies at 67
January 25, 2002
From a reporter at the Moose Jaw Herald to Canada's most recognised and revered journalist, Peter Gzowski died yesterday and today we remember a great man.
The Scandal of the Century: Thank you again Richard Klassen and Fifth Estate!
January 24, 2002
CBC tells the story of criminal misadventure by Saskatoon's police department and the Province of Saskatchewan's justice department. Mario deSantis puts this story of governmental abuse in perspective.
Growing Up In Watson - black and white
January 15, 2002
Some interesting black and white images taken in the late winter of 1983 of young people in their own special world of Watson Lake, Yukon.
Bush, Kissinger and Sharon: war and peace
January 7, 2002
Mario deSantis points out today that the United States opposes the world court because it needs to protect its own war criminals. An interesting perspective with some impressive support in the references.
Natale per Babbo e Mamma
December 23, 2001
A letter to Santa, under the plate.
Smith River
December 8, 2001
Today a visit to my favourite place, a wilderness River in Northern British Columbia with its very own six-thousand foot runway. This story has a lot of pictures and includes a 2MB QuickTime VR map so it will take time to download.
Mountain Tops
December 7, 2001
Another in our series of pictorial essays of flying over Southern Yukon. This flight today show the country Northwest of Watson Lake. The pictures were taken in April 1984.
Lower Post
December 5, 2001
Here is a chance to look at another set of images of the Southern Yukon and Northwestern BC.
The "Real" Final Frontier
December 4, 2001
Most of Canada is as empty as this picture. Some scenes of the empty Yukon.
The Value of Money
November 30, 2001
Mike Townsend discovered some old bills that his father collected and wonders if they are just neat collectables or are they worth anything.
Grumman Goose
November 28, 2001
Amphibian aircraft of the thirties and forties now only a think for the history books.
Let's Go For A Ride
November 28, 2001
Yesterday we took a flight from Watson Lake to Cassiar. Today join us on a simple hop over the canyon. Images by TimII
Over The Yukon And Cassiar
November 27, 2001
Today we travel back in time and place to take a plane ride from Watson Lake Yukon and South to Cassiar. Enjoy the ride.
Ivy Avery - Kelso Pioneer
November 23, 2001
"At thirteen I was driving a five horse team working a field." The amazing story of a woman who made her life in South East Saskatchewan.
November 13, 2001
Mainline remembered, some interesting images of Moosomin one of Saskatchewan's older towns.
We Stand In Silence
November 11, 2001
Today we combine images of the present and memories of the past to help understand what this day means and will always mean.
Place Names Society - Update
November 1, 2001
Bill Barry passes on the developments as meeting were held last winter in an effort to establish a Saskatchewan society to work on the issues of place names.
Bill's Got A New Book Out
October 31, 2001
Writer and historian Bill Barry has a new book out dealing with Ukrainian and German place names in Saskatchewan.
Temple Gardens - Moose Jaw
October 30, 2001
This picture and a story about one Saskatchewan's most illustrious entertainment places. The Dance Hall era stretched from the twenties until the sixties, this story tells about one of them.
From Constantine to bin Laden: A Historical Perspective
September 19, 2001
To see the current crisis more clearly and more to the point have some insight into the motivation of those who attacked the United States here is the historical story. (The story uses a series of QuickTime video clips explaining the background.)
Robert W. Service, Just Another Canadian
August 29, 2001
Canada is a country of pretty unusual people who came here from all of the world, facing challenges and almost always overcoming them.
Cherry Red Airlines
August 26, 2001
Maybe one of the first commerical aircraft to visit Tisdale, the Pheasant, that it still exists and sits in the Museum in Moose Jaw.
August 2, 2001
Nipawin's newest mural captures the look and feel of era long gone but well remembered.
Watch out for the conventional wisdom of governments, judges and lawyers: Project Loophole and Tony Merchant's pursuit of justice
July 11, 2001
Mario deSantis discusses government action and legal struggles
The Flying Fifties
June 29, 2001
Two aircrafts now almost half a century old evoke some consideration of what they meant and how their existence relates to social development today.
Andrew Gets His First Bike
May 18, 2001
At three he was mounted on a two wheeler and the world changed.
A Hundred Year Old Wedding
April 18, 2001
Talk about old news, here is a wedding picture taken a century ago.

The People of Saskatchewan - Francophone
March 25, 2001
French speakers live in all parts of Saskatchewan, and continue to develop and advance their language and celebrate their heritage.
Saskatchewan - the People - Dene
March 24, 2001
Today we find out about the Chipewyan people of Saskatchewan's North West.
Saskatchewan - the People - Dakota
March 23, 2001
Find out about the Sioux as we work toward telling the story of Saskatchewan's people

Saskatchewan - The People
March 22, 2001
Today's feature article discusses the demography of Saskatchewan and presents the first of seven pages on twenty-three of Saskatchewan's ethnical groups.
Grandmothers Part I
February 7, 2001
We celebrate mother's day and father's day but what about grandparenting. This is the first of several stories about grandmothers, it is hoped that we can shed some light on this facit of life and how their lives shape our own.
43rd Battalion Cameron Highlanders 1914 -1919
January 19, 2001
Stuart Mclean of Ottawa is looking for artifacts to assist him in writing the history of the Winnipeg unit that distinguished themselves in World War I.
Did You Learn Anything?
January 10, 2001
A short editorial about the direction society seems to be headed.
The New Camera
January 6, 2001
It was of huge importance, I got a Kodak camera for Christmas and this picture of my brother and sister was number six on its first roll of film. It was 1961.
Into A New Century
December 31, 2000
The coming of the century and the beginning of the third millennium are a momentious occassion and today we explore the future, predictions on a grand scale.
Perhaps a Packard
December 15, 2000
While restoring some pictures for a customer we came across this remarkable car.
The Fifth Estate: Scandal of the Century
November 30, 2000
Mario deSantis discusses the moving and disturbing story from Saskatoon a decade ago.
A Legacy
November 11, 2000
The tangible reality of what we as Canadians are is what those who went to the wars have done.
A Barn and Barley
October 12, 2000
Nearly a century old this barn stands as a testament to the productivity of the barley growing surrounding countryside.
Those Were The Days
September 17, 2000
How my uncles would have shock their heads in wonder at people coming out to watch grain being thrashed.
Vampire Power: or, What does long in the tooth have to do with it?
June 16, 2000
Timothy Shire ponders the utilization of a whole generation of soon to be retired radicals.
Canada Remembers War Dead
May 29, 2000
Timothy Shire reflects on the ceramonies this past week in Ottawa as a representative of the thousands of lost Canadians was brought home and buried to help us remember "the few."
Houses of Law: Prince Albert
May 21, 2000
This pictorial look at the Prince Albert court house has some large pictures and may take a moment to load.
Houses of Law: Melfort
May 20, 2000
Today we look at the Melfort courthouse in this continuing series of stories about Saskatchewan's public buildings.
Houses of Law: Swift Current
May 17, 2000
This is a photo essay of the outstanding Swift Current Court house building in 1915.
Houses of Law: Moose Jaw
May 16, 2000
Today we take a look at the remarkable structure in Moose Jaw that houses the federal court in that city. Designated a historical site this is one of many Saskatchewan court houses constructed in this formative era of the province.
For Someone Who Likes To Rock
May 3, 2000
We remember the passing of an old friend, the "Friendly Giant" today,
From St. Petersburg
May 1, 2000
May Day is holiday in Russia and Ensign received this letter today from Vladimir Nedelski. This is an interesting communication and got my curiousity going and I have included with this letter some reference to St. Petersburg for you to look over.
Quilt Memories
April 30, 2000
A family heirloom is created to celebrate the life of one of Weekes' early settling families.
My Dad used to be a farmer
April 9, 2000
Twelve year old Meighan Bambridge of Coulter Manitoba gave her 4H speech this year on the changes to her family's way of life.
Away Mission To Regina's RCMP Chapel
March 20, 2000
To celebrate this first day of spring we have a very special photo essay for you today, this extensive set of pictures were taken yesterday and depicit the exploration of the RCMP chapel in Regina.
Tractors of the Quarter Section Farm
February 22, 2000
Today we take a look at this impressive collection of engines from half a century ago.
Our Government and Justice System In Canada
February 16, 2000
Pointing out the concept of the Social Contract from John Locke Mario deSantis expresses his extreme disappointment with the Federal governments lack of accountability.
Trains Come and Go
February 5, 2000
Timothy takes you for an amble down memory lane to when the trains were pulled by black fire breathers.
Is It The Seeing of Art, or The Art of Seeing?
December 29, 1999
As people look back on this century and consider the important things people have achieved it might be good for us to consider what has happened in art. This article will be posted later this morning and drop back to look it over. Thanks for stopping by this morning.
So Many Broken Eggs
November 23, 1999
The long abandoned Smith Hatcheries building was finally torn down quickly yesterday.
Tisdale Coop Burns in May 1940
November 22, 1999
Talk about old news! Few pictures remain of the original Coop in Tisdale because it was built and opened in the summer of 1939 and in May of the following year it burned down.
Man of Many Tractors
November 22, 1999
Ensign is proud to present an outstanding article by Stu Innes of Regina as he tells the story of his father's farm through the pictures of the tractors that work for them for more then half a century. This article has a lot of pictures and will take nearly three minutes to download but it is worth the wait.
From Structure to Splinters in 2 Hours
November 4, 1999
Two hours and the last standing portion of what was once a high school was reduced to splinters and rubble. Pictures of this building's ultimate destruction are in two parts the digital ones on one page and the video images will be posted later on the "Second Page." (The second page takes about two minutes to download the forty-four pictures that tell the demise of the TUCs building)
End Begins
November 2, 1999
The ominous appearance (monday afternoon) of this machine spells doom for the old derelict TUCs building.
Watson to Whitehorse
October 6, 1999
Today I want to leave the worries of Maritime fishing confusion and railway and grain hauling issues behind me and consider the images of October in the Yukon. The picture above was taken some years ago, mid way between Watson Lake and Whitehorse Yukon.
From My Office Wall
September 27, 1999
This morning I want you to meet some people, a random selection of portraits of individuals as they looked many years ago.
Batoche - A First Visit
September 12, 1999
With a gloomy perhaps even rainy Sunday we take you on our first visit to the historical Batoche site near Duck Lake.
End of An Era
August 28, 1999
K & E, the restaurant at the corner of Tisdale's busiest intersection closes its doors today as its owner retires.
TUCs Days Are Numbered
August 14, 1999
The old high school is soon to be torn down. Friday the external doors were removed.
Let's Face It
August 2, 1999
We all wear one in one form or another, some days I see a lot of people with face trouble, but this article deals with the human face, our non-verbal communicative device.
Camping In Black and White
August 1, 1999
A look back at a vacation in 1983 and some black and white pictures of a part of that trip.
Its Time
July 20, 1999
Ken Oskrip has put his buidling and business up for sale as he has decided its time to take a break from the intense and continuous schedule he has maintained for several decades.
What is a Child?
June 26, 1999
This article with pictures from the earliest part of this century deals with a family and what where the expectations of childhood and the expectations for that child's life.
June - A Time For Weddings
June 12, 1999
A wedding picture and commentary on a couple's life together.
How About An Adventure
May 19, 1999
Some breathtaking pictures of a family adventure. This article is on a single page so it take a moment or two to load but it is well worth the wait.
Mother's Day 1980
May 14, 1999
A mother and her three sons, some pictures and memories.
Success With and Without Struggle - But Success
May 13, 1999
This is a text document on child development and learning. You might want to print this as it is difficult to read a document like this on screen.
I Wish I May, I Wish I Might!
May 10, 1999
An old film reveals wishes and how they really can come true.
Vi-Co - A Milk By Any Other Name . . .
April 30, 1999
A nostolgic look at the brown cow.
A Little Rundown
April 10, 1999
This old tractor left at a scrap recycler is a rather interesting and perhaps even rare tractor worth restoration. Besides pictures of this one there are some great links to other sites dealing with Fordson tractors.
Old Stuff
April 5, 1999
A trip to an Estate sale resulted in spotting a couple of interesting items and contemplation about what they things of the past means.
Shelter Belt Cleanup
March 18, 1999
Here is a farmer knocking down some older trees to give a better view of his farm yard and clear away the trees that are nearing the end of their cycle.
This Odd House - Spires and Turrets
February 25, 1999
An unusual house challenges the imagination and wonder at what became of it.
This Odd House - Gingerbread
February 23, 1999
This is the first of several articles featuring houses and the things about them, this one is in Tisdale.
To Seek An Older World
February 11, 1999
The way we humans learn is examined in this article that discusses some experimental short course projects.
Ted Tatarynovich
January 28, 1999
At 96 this Crooked River farmer continues to enjoy life and his flock of pigeons.
The Family - In Search Of Ourselves
January 27, 1997
Timothy Shire tells you about his grandfather's family, their trials and tribulations as he begins a series of articles on the concept of "the family."
There Is No Going Back
January 21, 1999
Some philosophical pondering by Timothy Shire about nostalgia and what it means for us as we accumulate experience.
A Brief History of Accounting: From Prehistory to the Information Age
January 3, 1999
Here's your chance to find out about the mysteries of accounting what were its origins and where is it now. By, James deSantis
Beechcraft Stagger Wing
December 28, 1998
General Aviation got its beginnings in the miracle of 1932.
End of Year Feasting
December 27, 1998
A consideration of the custom of feasting during the Christmas to New Year's part of the year by Timothy W. Shire.
Ghost of Christmas Past
December 16, 1998
A lonely collapsing log farmstead house poses questions about its past and who once lived and grew up within its walls.
November 24, 1998
An antique tractor on display East of Tisdale. We would welcome details about this machine.
Still There After 36 Years!
November 10, 1998
A personal look back at November 1962.
Halloween In Watson Lake Yukon
October 31, 1998
In Watson Lake, Halloween is for everyone and is celebrated together with a bonfire and fireworks.
Barnyard Bombers
October 27, 1998
A nostalgic look at Canadian aviation history.
Time Marches On
September 29, 1998
Abandoned farm buildings and their purpose raise questions about the speed of change in the agricultural scene of today and the future.
September 22, 1998
It looks like the battle for survival has been fought and lost in the former community of McKague.
A Final Resting Place
August 14, 1998
Ensign takes you on a photographic visit to a unique little burial spot NorthEast of Weekes.
Wilf and Alvina Wiser Celebrate 50th
Saturday, July 25, 1998
Fifty years is a long time for anything but a landmark in marriages and today this couple celebrate with friends and family a full fifty years.
Tuesday, July 21, 1998
Magnificent prairie church North of Humboldt
Tisdale Museum
Saturday, July 18, 1998
Heritage and History but a good deal more to see and experience.
Tisdale Roman Catholic Community Celebrates 100th Birthday
Sunday, July 12, 1998
Hundreds attend outdoor mass, grotto dedication and luncheon.
St. Therese Hospital Commemorated
Saturday, July 11, 1998
Cairn erected at former hospital site
Crooked River
Tuesday, July 7, 1998
Crossroads community where roads and railways lead elsewhere.

New Osgoode, Gone But Not Forgotten

Wednesday, June 24, 1998
Pioneer village all but gone except for the memories and memorials of what was.
Pilot Officer Frederick Charles Sim, DFC -
Friday, June 19, 1998
Pilot Officer Sim visits his home town this weekend.
One Month Since Tisdale and Star City Churches Merge -
Thursday, June 11, 1998
Account of merger from St. Matthew's newsletter with pictures of church and Rev. Wilker.
MAD - India and Pakistan. -
Friday, May 29, 1998
Editorial/commentary on possible thermonuclear confrontation on the Subcontinent.