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Each week there are various elements that are added to this web site that involve technology that is referred to as "multi-media". When we first began work on this web site we tried to include at least one QuickTime Virtual Reality image a week and so through the years the site has had a lot of these very special kinds of images. As time as gone on we have lower the amount of these being produced as we have added other things like sound. For a while many of the essays and editorials were presented both in print and in the form of the spoken word using QuickTime.
The use of video images has been used sparingly throughout the years simply because of the high bandwidth such products use even when streamed and they consume a considerable amount of storage space on our server. There have been a few times when actual lessons or lectures have been created using video so that we have pumped out video with sound used to explain or discuss an important issue.

Two other forms of animation have been used through the years. Animated "GIF" images have been used as leaders to stories but they are rather annoying things and it is rare that one of these is produced lately. Instead we have been making use of "flash" presentations which allow us to use an animation or animate a still image with some affect. Because of the overhead in download we have not used sound coupled with these very often but it does happen from time to time.

One of the things that this media allows is moving sound. I mentioned the use of the spoken word early but just songs and music can be a powerful enhancement and we have stuck to using QuickTime audio clips simply because they render a song fairly well while keeping the amount of data to be moved to a minimum.

This page will in time mature as we add more and more links to material already on the site. To make this material manageable we will put each of the types of media on their own pages so that you can go to that page and sample the various projects from over the years that have been created using a specific format.

As with all things on this web site you input and comment is welcomed and can help formulate the kind of material available. I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.
Timothy W. Shire


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