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FTLComm - Cassiar - January 26, 1999
Canadians are justly proud of the beauty of their country and like to point to the quaint coastal areas, the endless prairies and the Rocky Mountains. Mostly we only see images of the Rockies along CN and CP rail lines which includes Banff and Jasper national parks but this mountain chain stretches from the Alaskan border to the 49th parallel. I want to show you a place and how it looks from a different vantage point, that is extremely remote. The picture above is from the window of ARS a Cessna 172 that was our family transportation when these images were created in the Winter of 1983.

This image is of the Cassiar range of mountains about eighty nautical miles South of Watson Lake Yukon. The Cassiars are on the West side of the Tintina trench that stretches from the US border to Dawson City, a rift valley up to twenty miles wide in places the passes through Quenel and Prince George and just West of Watson Lake itself.