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The image at the upper left has someone digging into the snow on the lawn to recover a lost hockey puck. Above right is the hat of snow on a tractor unit. The snow is so deep that cars sometimes disappear right where they are parked. On the left is the Panabode Royal Bank. The reduced demand for asbestos saw the mine at Cassiar close in the early nineties and today the school is closed and for the most part Cassiar is now a ghost town.

Below is a picture of short final for runway 26 at Watson Lake. At the time this picture was taken Canadian Pacific flew Boeing 737s onto this runway each day. As a military air base it played an important role in the war effort to build the Alaskan highway and transport aircraft to embattled Russia.
The pictures in this article were all taken with an Olympus OM10 on Kodacolor 400 film.

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