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As you head South along the huge valley just West of the Horseranch (a mountain chain) we can see in the distance (above left) the group of lakes near the Indian village of Good Hope and as we go by we are looking down on that lake (above right). In the image below left we are looking North over Good Hope Lake as we turn into Mcdame Creek. Below right we can see out the back window at the Horseranch. The bottom of this valley is about 3,500 feet in elevation and the mountains in these pictures are modest and do not exceed 7,000 feet. These mountains though appearing barren are actually the habitat of both Rock and Stone sheep that bring hunters from around the world who pay a lot of money to take the few of these that are available each year for guided hunting trips. The valley's are home to moose and an abundance of other wild life including wolves, bald eagles and very few people.