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This page has the various stories that involve voice audio tracks either spoken word of the article involved or an audio clip of individuals.
Send in the clouds
Tuesday, May 6, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
A visual essay of clouds and distortions while Barbara sings us a song. This item contains a 500K Flash presentation and 300K QuickTime movie. (This item requires QuickTime to hear the music)
Where are the great orators?
September 25, 2002
In other times the words of individuals have inspired those who heard them changing their lives forever. Ron Thornton longs for a Canadian speaker who will step forward and do what others have done in other times and places. Included on this page are the full QuickTime audio track of a Winston Churchill speech and the magnificient "I have a dream" speech of Martin Luther King.
Farewell to the Man Who Brought Us . . .
June 3, 2002
Oh please sports fans let us not get carried away, Paul Martin is not the saviour of the country he is a sore loser who has visiously damaged the fabric of the Canadian quality of life and shame on the Prime Minister for putting up with him for so long. This story includes the text in an oral presentation, QuickTime is required to play this audio clip.
"I've Had Enough of Spring Already!"
May 3, 2002
Full blown blizzard after two weeks of cold, wind and more cold. The bad weather seems to have set off this writer in a rant about current affairs. This article can be listened to as well as read.