Tisdale Aviation Association Fly-In and breakfast

FTLComm - Tisdale - Sunday, June 8, 2003

It was cold enough to wear my leather jacket this morning as we walked over to the airport to have breakfast but warm enough to carry it over my shoulder on our way home. Conditions just could not have been better as pilots from Saskatoon, Wynyard, nearby Nipawin and many more hummed their way to Tisdale this morning for the Tisdale Aviation Association Fly-in. Pilots talked of some embedded tower Cue but said it was a beautiful day for flying.

It was also a beautiful day for breakfast in the open air. Eggs, sausage, hash browns, toast, juice and coffee all accompanied by lots of friendly chatter as old friends met once more and we

locals sampled the aviation world.
Jim Barlow was on the job, Paul Roy was doing the sausage and the eggs man was skilled and ready to do em' the way you want em'.

Most of the visitors were on the ground by nine and by ten thirty many were taxiing out to depart for home.

This is the second busy day in a row as over fifty young people went for rides in the young Eagle project yesterday and with the fly-in this morning there was a whole new round of approaches and departures.

The great thing about this event was the perfect setting. I had been to the
breakfast two years ago and it was a cold miserable day and we had to have our breakfast inside the hanger. But this morning the air was fresh, the mosquitoes were grounded by the gentle breeze from the Southeast and a good time was had by all.

After breakfast we wandered past the assembled aircraft and captured some pictures, but from midway down the tie-down line (below) this is what the scene was like.



There was a real hot model air show for everyone to see after breakfast. The blue aircraft parked in this picture put on an absolutely perfect display with all the acrobatic routines one sees at a competition and they were executed with incredible precision. Each of the models that flew contributed different aspects to this outstanding and demanding sport. Unfortunately the flier's skill made the whole thing look really easy. For the folks standing watching and seeing such fine flying the deception was complete because every model flier has to write off many beautiful models before he or she can get the kind of skill that was seen at the airport this morning.



The wild and woolly nature of helicopters has become a very popular part of model flying and once again the pilot's skill was really impressive. Model helicopter flying has become really serious business in the last few years as we have all seen movie footage shot from model helicopters as they are now one of the standard tools of movie making. The helicopters used in film making are basically the same as the one seen here only a bit larger with chain saw engines and fitted with both video and film cameras. The video cameras are used to direct and aim the film camera in a movie shoot.

One of the improvements to Tisdale's airport is the new fuel facility that is fully operational providing this airport with fuel

to local and visiting pilots twenty-four hours a day.

To see and read about some of the visitors at this year's fly in click on the pictures below to see them full size. Without a doubt the 1948 military version of the UK built Auster was the most impressive visitor this year. This aircraft is from Nipawin and is in the kind of condition that an observation aircraft of its era would be in. The Glassair, Rocket and Rotoway home builts were remarkable achievements and demonstrate that the leading edge in aviation today is in the home built domain.
(The stories and pictures for the images below are not ready for posting and over the next few days they will be put into their stories and posted, at the time this page was posted they are not available.)


Beech Bonanza

Cessna 140

Cessna 140







Cessna 170a


Timothy W. Shire



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