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This page has the various stories that include music and/or songs
Barenaked Ladies
September 28, 2002
One day they were standing in our back yard adorned in their fine yellow garment with just a touch of green, the next morning the garments were falling away and the next day they stood their cold and completely naked. This page includes a QuickTime version of Neil Young's "Harvest Moon."
Wagnerian Light
July 29, 2002
Sometimes things just are bigger than big, taller than tall and more than seems possible. Composer Richard Wagner made music like that, last night's sunset was composed on a Wagnerian scale.
Regina's Mosiac - Scottish Pavilion
June 8, 2002
Stu Innes was at the Scottish Pavilion in Regina to capture some of the scene there and we have added a clip of the band who were on stage "Enter The Haggis" from Toronto. (QuickTime needed)
Saturday At The Scottish Pavilion
June 9, 2002
Stu Innes takes us back to Mosiac 2002 in Regina as the pipers and dancers wow the crowd. (to hear the music you need QuickTime)
A Little White Duck
June 11, 2002
Looks like this guy had his flying license suspended, perhaps for medical reasons.
Trojan Triumph
May 1, 2002
Yesterday was Trojan day, the town decorated the RECPlex jammed with cheering fans to greet Canada's best midget hockey team winners of the 2002 Air Canada Cup. This story includes a picture sequence (2mb) and a QuickTime VR panorama (800K) even though these are streaming it will take time on a dial connection.
Signs of Spring
April 11, 2002
Fog engulfed us this morning but the temperature stayed above freezing all night and this morning we look at the signs of seasonal change. This page includes a slideshow with some Steve Holly music.
Spring In LaRonge
April 15, 2002
With so little snow once warm this year's meltaway was about three days. This set of pictures by Judy Shire tells the story of spring in Saskatchewan's frontier community. The images appear in a slide show accompanied by Dave Brubeck.
Robins Patiently Wait For a Possible Spring
April 26, 2002
A very cold week for the last week in April with the temperature looking like it will nudge up to above freezing today for the first time in some days but if you want to wear shorts put the top down on your convertible or lay eggs in your nest you will have to be like the farmers, patient.
What A Wonderful World
March 26, 2002
Ken Styan passed on this link that really needs your most careful attention.
Here Comes The Sun
February 1, 2002
Here is a photo essay that lets you look at the town and countryside around Tisdale on the last day of January. This page includes a QuickTime Beatles song.
The King Is Dead, God Save The Queen, February 6, 1952
February 6, 2002
It was a mild winter morning near eleven when our teacher told us that His Royal Highness, King George V1 had died. I immediately put up my handed up and asked the teacher if we could lower the flag. Since it was my idea she sent Bill Brown and I out to the flag pole and we brought the flag down to half mast. It was all we could do.