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This page has the various stories that include animations either produced as "GIF" or "Flash" presentations.
Send in the clouds
Tuesday, May 6, 2003
by: Timothy W. Shire
A visual essay of clouds and distortions while Barbara sings us a song. This item contains a 500K Flash presentation and 300K QuickTime movie. (This item requires QuickTime to hear the music)
Extreme Education
Thursday, April 17, 2003
by: Michael Townsend
Pushing back the edge of the frontiers is what this site and this technology is all about. Mike Townsend put together a "flash" presentation to promote the course he teaches in his Kamloops high school and you will get a kick out of what he has produced. If you are dial up you need to know this one as is 740KB to download.
Looks like winter to me
October 22, 2002
Here are set of pictures that show what it was like at 10:00 this morning with the frost on the trees and sun dogs in the sky.
One Up one down
October 20, 2002
As the sun set last night the moon was rising these pictures tell the story. But there is much more to all this than meets the eye.
Her Majesty the Queen
October 11, 2002
Rudy Fernandes of White Rock, like so many people across Canada have been upset at the very bad manners shown by both the Deputy prime minister and some reporters. Letter's to the editors pages have been swamped with letters like this one by Mr. Fernandes.
The First official day of fall
September 22, 2002
Yesterday it was blustery, with an icey wind, squalls and almost violent sunshine.
Moving A Dugout
July 23, 2002
A family at Zenon Park moves a dug out. The story of the move is in a series of pictures that shows folks coping with the drought.
Bell CH-146 Griffon
July 1, 2002
Canada Day, a good time to discuss Canada's military capabilities and we take a look at the land based helicopter our troops and country depend upon.
Rolling Lawns and Trees
June 1, 2002
Landscaping projects in progress today as one family installs a new lawn and another customises their trees.
Regina's Mosiac - Scottish Pavilion
June 8, 2002
Stu Innes was at the Scottish Pavilion in Regina to capture some of the scene there and we have added a clip of the band who were on stage "Enter The Haggis" from Toronto. (QuickTime needed)
Saturday At The Scottish Pavilion
June 9, 2002
Stu Innes takes us back to Mosiac 2002 in Regina as the pipers and dancers wow the crowd. (to hear the music you need QuickTime)
Grad Car 2002
June 9, 2002
Another year, another batch of grad cars. This year they look better.
Everyone Survives Crash Landing at Logan and McPhillips
June 11, 2002
At 9:30 Keystone Air Service Ltd. Piper Chieftain made a crash landing on a Winnipeg street. Pictures and details to be posting in a few minutes.
A Little White Duck
June 11, 2002
Looks like this guy had his flying license suspended, perhaps for medical reasons.
Summer Employment Week
June 12, 2002
This is summer employment and more students than ever are looking for summer jobs.
New Tee
June 14, 2002
A new set of tees have expanded both the size and difficulty of the Riverside golf course in Tisdale. Here are some shots of the tee off in St. Theresa Park.
Trojan Triumph
May 1, 2002
Yesterday was Trojan day, the town decorated the RECPlex jammed with cheering fans to greet Canada's best midget hockey team winners of the 2002 Air Canada Cup. This story includes a picture sequence (2mb) and a QuickTime VR panorama (800K) even though these are streaming it will take time on a dial connection.
This is San Jose
May 13, 2002
Kevin McIntyre takes us along in his van to see a bit of the Silicon Valley home to most of the world's computer industry and about four million folks living in the valley South of San Francisco Bay. The streaming "flash" presentation is 1.5MB and on a dial up connection will at a bit of time to download.
Understanding of Time and Money: Econometric Professor Ian Walker versus Political Historian Kevin Phillips
May 30, 2002
The compulsion to quantify things is a human trait but not necessarily an admirable one.
Why there is no peace between Israelis and Palestinians
April 3, 2002
Self perpetuating conflict as Israeli soldier attempt to protect their country Palestinian children see the action with resentment and hatered only to resolve to get even in the future.
Finding the truth on the war against terrorism in Israel or elsewhere: use your remote control and your computer mouse
April 3, 2002
Mario deSantis warns us that the Western media is not presenting a balanced view of the horrors of the Israeli / Palestinian conflict.
A Sun's Coming and Going
April 4, 2002
The temperature is not matching the amount of light but this morning's sunrise was at 6:33 as seen in this picture. We take a look at its departure last night.
Who's Acting On On-Line Advertising In Canada?
April 6, 2002
Stewart MacDonald and his group have been back to work trying to figure what Canadians are up to while they are on line. His findings will surprise you.
A Little Bit of Spring
April 9, 2002
The temperature stayed above -10ºC last night and that is big news for April of 2002. This story gives you a look around Tisdale this morning with fresh snow.
Signs of Spring
April 11, 2002
Fog engulfed us this morning but the temperature stayed above freezing all night and this morning we look at the signs of seasonal change. This page includes a slideshow with some Steve Holly music.
Bush's war on terrorism and the miracle of peace in the Middle East
April 12, 2002
We all share a level of helplessness and frustration at not being able to do anything to lessen the suffering in the Middle East, Mario deSantis found that these feelings of discontent with US policy are shared by many well known and influential Americans.
Hugo Chavez returns to his elected presidency: a lesson of democracy and the lies of the Bush administration
April 14, 2002
US support coup d' etat in Venezuela may never have happened but was a figment of the White House's wishful thinking as president returns to power after a single day. People of Venezuela jubilant.
Spring In LaRonge
April 15, 2002
With so little snow once warm this year's meltaway was about three days. This set of pictures by Judy Shire tells the story of spring in Saskatchewan's frontier community. The images appear in a slide show accompanied by Dave Brubeck.
Italian General Strike of April 16, 2002: No to Berlusconi's Labour Free Market
April 18, 2002
Mario deSantis tells us the personal side of the general strike in Italy this past week over the government intentions to reduce unemployment by forcing workers to accept less for fear of being fired.
Is president Bush a double talker? Terrorism or self-determination?
April 20, 2002
The United States has spent most of its life trying hard not to understand the world around and been enormously successful.
The March Mixture
March 5, 2002
Sixteen days until the official arrival of spring as we go from yesterday's spring sky to the deep freeze of this morning with heavy snow warnings for the Southwest of the province today.
China - Better Check This Out
March 6, 2002
Yesterday, almost as an academic exercise I was looking for a map of North East China and what I discovered was a black hole in my awareness of this world. Its time for us all to lift I eyes from the canola fields and cold sky of spring and examine almost another world.
Understanding How Relatively Lower Capital Gains Taxes Reward the Rich
March 7, 2002
One would expect capital gains taxes to be a reasonable levy on the wealthy until we discover that capital gains are taxes at a much lower rate than other income.
The Homeland Security Advisory System: President Bush and Condoleeza Rice will handle Terrorist Traffic Lights
March 13, 2002
How to warn of terror? Tough problem for the United States government as they decide to colour code the way things seem.
GST Heating Rebate Fiasco: Unplugged and Uncensored
March 14, 2002
Walter Robinson of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation points out the oddity of the federal government's energy rebate program that went for the most part, to people who do not pay heating expenses.
The Rightist Bushists are Wrong and the Leftist Democrats may be Right
March 17, 2002
The political spectrum is confusing as America's non-war drags on amidst a bitter struggle over patriotism and a fairlure to discover that all are in the same boat.
Canadian Alliance Back to Its Roots and Its Senses
March 22, 2002
Ron Thornton feels the curtain of darkness that had descended over the Canadian Alliance has been lifted with the election of its new leader Stephen Harper.
Spring Means Snow!
March 28, 2002
Last night white material looking like snow, feeling like rain came down and today we are cleaning up.
Passover Sky
March 29, 2002
Judy and Timothy once again photograph the same sky from two different perspectives as they head into Prince Albert yesterday afternoon.